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How your vacuum cleaner can help you fight back against inflation

Halo Capsule cordless vacuum in kitchen saving energy

It’s all over the news everyday: inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, with energy costs being one of the biggest drivers of these increases.  We don’t want to go on about this too, there’s enough in the media and it doesn’t make for the most cheerful outlook, but we wanted to highlight one way in which you might be able to save a few pennies or even pounds by a simple switch at home.

Half the running cost of corded

If you’ve been waiting to take the move to cordless, there’s never been a better time.  It is significantly more energy efficient to use a cordless like Halo Capsule than using a corded vacuum.  Here’s a stat that might surprise you: Halo Capsule cordless vacuum cleaner will cost half the money and electricity to use than your typical corded vacuum.

That can add up to a not-to-be-sniffed-at saving throughout the year.  For example, if you, say, vacuum your home for half an hour a day, you would save £20 a year (at current energy prices July 2022*) using Halo vs a corded.  It’s not going to buy you that house in the south of France but, as a well-known supermarket says: every little helps.  And this can really add up over years of use.

Half the energy, all the power

But that’s because cordless aren’t as powerful as corded some might think…  And here’s the clincher.  That might be true of many cordless, but not Halo Capsule.

Halo Capsule is independently verified to have ALL the power of a cordless – but for half the energy!  How?  Wizardry. Almost.  Our super light-weight design (patented carbon fibre construction) means we can pack more powerful motors in to deliver the power you really need.  Those motors are optimised for extreme high efficiency to make sure that not one Watt of energy from Capsule’s 32V battery pack is wasted.  It’s why Good Housekeeping scored Halo 100% in their pick-up tests. (Read their full review here)

Half the electricity. Half the running cost. Same exceptional performance.

Halo Capsule won’t take any more electricity than it needs even when left on charge too. It’s a clever little thing, it will simply stop when it is full…so you needn’t worry about whether it is plugged in or not. So easy.

And of course, all the convenience, freedom, and huge capacity of a Halo Capsule cordless is also a bonus!

With prices starting at £199.99, in itself, an inflation-busting low price (lowest ever), now really is the time to consider going cordless. Halo Capsule cordless.

Find out more about Halo Capsule here.


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