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The ONLY cordless with all the power and capacity of a corded.

  • Ultra-Light

    world’s first carbon fibre domestic appliance

  • Full Performance

    cleans as well as a full size corded upright

  • Healthy Appetite

    nearly 5 times the capacity of some cordless vacuums

  • Truly Clean

    gets the dirt out of your home

  • 2 year warranty

The Capsule Advantage


In a world first, Capsule uses premium Carbon Fibre (more typically used in the worlds of motor sport and aviation)so that it weighs just 2.6Kg.

Carbon Fibre

This incredibly thin but strong shell, just 1 millimetre in thickness, allows Capsule to be ultra-light whilst housing a much greater internal volume than conventional cordless vacuum cleaners.

And with space for a much more powerful motor too, Capsule gives you everything you need in one ultra-light, big capacity, high performance package.

Full Performance

Capsule gives you the power you really need in a cordless. For as long as you need.

Capsule thrives on long-lasting cordless power, thanks to the latest brushless digital motors coupled with high-performance Lithium Ion batteries giving run time up to 60 minutes.

So much power in fact that it will clean as well as a traditional corded upright on both carpet and hard floor.

Healthy Appetite

Capsule is the ONLY cordless to give you the capacity of a full size upright: 5 TIMES more capacity than some cordless vacuums!

At a 1.6L capacity, Capsule means you spend less of your time emptying – in fact, you can clean your whole home in one go!

How have we done this?  Conventional bagless cordless vacuums are full of complex plumbing that take up nearly half of the available room leaving very little space for dirt.  Capsule’s ultra-thin carbon fibre shell and unique Dust Pouch system means all you carry is the capacity and NO heavy plumbing.

Dust Pouches

Capsule innovates with the use of paper dust pouches, which work with our high efficiency filters to provide an excellent level of filtration whilst allowing clean and contained dirt disposal.

Dust pouch raw materials are certified from sustainable sources, are completely plastic free and are compostable so they will not leave a permanent mark on the planet.

These dust pouches combine with Capsule’s unique thin, ultra-light carbon fibre shell that allows huge internal space for the pouch to expand into, giving Capsule dirt capacity to rival full size corded uprights.

Truly Clean

Your vacuum cleaner should get the dirt out of your house. Not just out of your carpets and onto your kitchen work surface.

Indeed independent lab test have shown even premium bagless vacuums re-emit 10 times more fine dust and allergens than Halo when emptying.

Capsule encapsulates dirt, allowing for effortless disposal. The days of getting covered in dust when you empty are gone!


Delivery is always fast, free of charge with No Quibble returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How have you made Capsule so light AND powerful?

    Uniquely Capsule uses 1mm thick Carbon Fibre as the main construction element of its body. This ultra-light and ultra-thin material means there is more internal space for big dirt capacity, large batteries and high performance motors. This is the Capsule revolution; carbon fibre means Capsule has all the performance and capacity of a full size corded upright but for less than half the weight.

  • Are Accessories included with Capsule?

    Capsule comes with all the tools you will need to clean your whole home, stairs and furniture. Included are a crevice tool, a dusting brush and the versatile power brush that can be attached either to the tube for floor cleaning or the main body for the most effective stair cleaning.

  • Why do Halo only sell Capsule direct from your website?

    Capsule is a premium product made from premium materials. From high power brushless motors, to large batteries, aircraft grade aluminium and expensive carbon fibre capsule has been built from the very best components. If we were to sell this via conventional retailers it would mean a price over £400.  We offer everything other sellers would (fast & free delivery, easy returns) and by selling direct we can ensure you get all the technology for a more affordable price.

  • How long will Capsule last?

    Rest assured your Capsule has been built to last and we are confident it will be your cleaning companion for many years to come!  It has been scientifically tested for over 10 years of use and meets all regulatory quality standards for the UK and EU.  Capsule also comes with an industry competitive 2 year warranty for complete piece of mind.

  • How long does a Dust Pouch last before it is full?

    Dust Pouches contain up to 1.6 litres of dirt: the same as most full size corded vacuums!  It will depend on your individual cleaning routine and size of property but one Dust Pouch would typically last the average household a couple of weeks before having to change it. You’ll be emptying FAR fewer times than most other cordless vacuums.

  • What happens to Dust Pouches once I have finished using them?

    All dust pouches are made from high grade compostable paper. This means once you’ve used them to safely remove the dirt from your home they will compost over time like all paper based products. So you can have the best environment at home without it costing the earth.

    Look out for Capsule’s composting tips if you would prefer to dispose of dust pouches at home.

  • What happens when I run out of Dust Pouches?

    Simply reorder at where we are committed to keeping dust pouches at an everyday low price.

    If you have registered your capsule you can also look out for special offers that will be sent direct to your inbox.

  • Can Capsule be Recycled?

    All major components of Capsule can be recycled, from the engineering polymers, to the batteries and even the carbon fibre. But with a 2 year warranty on a product tested for 10 years you won’t need to worry for a long while yet.

  • How fast is delivery?

    We know that when you really need to clean the dirt can’t wait. All orders arrive within 1-2 working days and we aim to dispatch orders placed before 2pm on the same day.

  • Capsule Specification

    Capacity 1.6 Litres
    Floor Types Carpet and Hardfloor
    Weight 2.6Kg
    Warranty 2 Years
    Voltage 32V
    Battery Capacity 57.6Wh
    Run time Up to 60 minutes
    Charge Time 3 hours
  • Anything else?

    Please get in touch at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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