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Capsule weighs just 2.6Kg and has 1.6 litres of capacity. As can be seen from our market survey (table below) any competitor, corded or cordless, with a similar capacity will be have much greater weight.

Halo could have chosen just to manufacture a product with minimal weight like competitor lightweight cordless vacs but it would have resulted in the same inferior capacity that they suffer.

Similarly we might have matched the performance and capacity of a corded upright, but then needed to add the significant extra weight of the cordless batteries. Without our revolutionary carbon fibre body this would have made a product even heavier than the 5Kg+ of the corded competitor.

Instead Capsule is 2.6Kg with the performance and capacity of a full size corded upright, making Capsule truly ultra-light.

UK Market Survey - Corded Upright

Capacity of a Fullsize Upright

Capsule has 1.6 litres of capacity. As can be seen from our market survey available corded upright vary in capacity from 0.99 Litres upwards. Therefore the Halo Capsule has equivalent or greater capacity than many of the available Fullsize corded uprights

UK Market Survey - Cordless Vacuums

The Power of a Fullsize Upright

Halo chose to compare Cleaning Power against not just other cordless products but against full size, full power corded upright vacuum cleaners when removing dust from carpet. Upright Vacuums have historically published their carpet cleaning performance as part of the now defunct energy label for vacuum cleaners. This allows us to get a good, broad view of the performance available in the market where Fullsize uprights are rated between D to A on a scale of G-A (where A is best).

Test results have shown Capsule to be rated at C, equivalent to many of the available corded uprights and far ahead of all the other large dirt capacity cordless competitors. In this context Capsule is the only ultra-light cordless with the power and capacity of a full size upright.

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