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Bagless vacuum cleaners tend to be more popular amongst consumers today due to the seemingly easy disposal of dirt and debris. Many consumers think that they can dispose of dirt as often as they like with these models, however, a new study by Halo Appliances has found that bagless designs may be causing more dirt to get back into our homes.

The independent accredited lab study found that a key area in which the cordless vacuum category is letting customers down is dirt disposal.

The study compared Halo Capsule (a bagged cordless) to a market-leading bagless model with the test chamber simulating a home environment. As part of the study, both models were emptied into a domestic bin, lined with a disposable bin bag, positioned in the centre of the chamber.

When comparing the Halo Capsule to a market-leading bagless model, the study found that up to 10 times more dirt and allergens were released back into the room when emptying the bagless model. Not only does Halo Capsule lock more dirt away, it keeps it locked away, helping your home stay spotlessly clean.

  • The independent findings suggest that, without bags to hold nearly all the captured dirt, even after cleaning our homes are still filled with dust particles and allergens. Bagged models offer significantly greater benefits to users in the end-to-end cleaning of their home.

Test Method

Testing was conducted by an independent accredited test lab in May 2021

Material used (“challenge”) to simulate household dust and allergens

  • 200g Custom dust composition. Fed via IEC 62885-2 method at 50g/min
  • 180g ISO 12103-1 A2 Fine
  • 20g second cut cotton linters per IEC 62885-2 section

 Test Chamber (to simulate home environment)

  • Per AHAM AC-1
  • Dimensions: 10.4 ft x 12.1 ft x 7.11 ft (3.1m x 3.6m x 2.4m)
  • Volume: 988 ft3 (27.9 m3)


  • Positioned centrally within chamber
  • Height (mm): 590
  • Top I.D. (mm): 425
  • Lined with unscented, disposable bin bag


  • The test sample unit positioned with receptacle lid 2 inches below lid of bin before being emptied.
  • Receptacle then closed and unit set on floor of Chamber.
  • Unit cleaned between trials.


A sampling horn is connected to an optical particle counter and suspended directly over the centre of the rubbish bin at a height of 150cm above the floor.

The peak particulate emissions were measured following the emptying of the dust receptacles.



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